Victorian Square Dance Association (VSDA)

The official website for the Victorian Square Dancers Association.

Square Dancing in Australia

The official website listing all details and news throughout Australia.

Australian Square Dance Clubs

A website run by Frank Newstead that lists all the contact details for clubs and callers throughout Australia and many of the upcoming events.

Travelling Australia With Square Dancing (TAWS)

An organisation aimed at offering people interested in square dancing and travelling, the opportunity to travel as a group to arranged events combining traveling, companionship and square dancing. Mal Parrington is the organiser of this group.

Ceder Square Dance Resource

Ceder is the most comprehensive listing of Square Dance information and organisations available for square dancers all over the world.


CALLERLAB is the international association of square dance callers. We are club callers, festival callers and traveling callers. We are active callers who share an interest in preserving and promoting the best of square dancing. Through our work on committees and attendance at annual Conventions, we have done much to make square dancing a popular worldwide recreation.

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